Case study platinum curing silicone compounds

Are you experiencing sticky vulcanizate’s surface? Incomplete curing? Blisters on the surface?

Platinum catalysts used in addition-cure silicone compounds are sensitive to contamination. Even small amounts of catalyst poisons in the ambient air, let alone on the surface of the mould, may inhibit the platinum catalyst and hence disturb or even completely stop the curing process. We have to ensure that there is no potential risk of contamination, especially from amine, amide and sulfur containing compounds, released during processing of conventional organic rubber compounds.

For this reason, we recommend the following:

  • Store and process platinum cured compounds in a separate room, well away from organic rubber compounds.
  • Using the same mould for platinum curing silicone compounds and organic rubber is to be avoided.
  • Roll mills, extruders and other processing machinery must always be thoroughly cleaned during change to platinum curing compounds, in order to prevent cross contamination.
  • Latex gloves can also cause inhibition. We recommend using sulphur-free nitrile gloves instead.
  • Avoid direct contact of uncured platinum curing compounds and uncured peroxide curing compounds.



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