Natural and synthetic compounds

As a rubber compounder we try to achieve the best compromise between the price and the performance of the compound by choosing a suitable polymer, or blend of polymers while adding various chemicals, plasticizers and fillers, in order to satisfy customers' requirements or demands.

Do you need a 55 ShA EPDM in RAL 3020, with tensile strength higher than 6 MPa?

We produce black and coloured compounds in variety of hardnesses, based on NR, SBR NBR, EPDM, CR, PU, CSM, HNBR, IR, IIR polymers with the following properties:

  • resistant to engine and mineral oils,
  • resistant to greases,
  • resistant to acids,
  • resistant to UV and weathering,
  • resistant to abrasion,
  • resistant to elevated temperatures,
  • resistant to water and salt,
  • with low compression set,
  • electrically conductive and antistatic,
  • self extinguishing properties,
  • compounds suitable for food and water contact according to the FDA,  BfR or KTW regulations,
  • available in any RAL or L*a*b colour
  • etc.


We have a wet and a dry line, so we can supply compounds suitable for rubber to metal bonding.

Compounds come in plates (rolls) or in strips.


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