Silicone compounds

Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomeric material, tough enough to withstand the hostile environments of Space or extreme temperatures and pressures of combustion engines, yet safe enough to be used as kitchenware or as baby bottle nipples.

In close cooperation with our customers we design exclusive recipes for each individual project, by varying hardness, colour, elongation, rebound, media resistance, self-extinguishing properties, etc. We produce VMQ, FVMQ and PVMQ compounds in a range of 5 to 95 ShA.

We can deliver our compounds either in plates, strips or in blocks.

Silicone compounds, produced and sold under EVOSIL® trademark, are as follows:

  • Platinum cured compounds for injection molding, compression molding and extrusion,
  • Peroxide cured compounds for injection molding, compression molding and extrusion,
  • Compounds suitable for calandering (very high green strength),
  • Compounds which are strong and elastic when hot (specially formulated for production of bellows),
  • FDA, BfR, 1935/2004/EC, KTW or WRAS compliant compounds, with certificates issued,
  • Biocompatible silicone compounds are done according to customer's USP Class VI or ISO 10993,
  • Peroxide cured compounds which retain full transparency even after post-curing,
  • Compounds with low compression set, suitable for static and dynamic seals (gaskets, o-rings),
  • Flame retardant compounds (UL 94 V-0, FAR 25.853 FMVSS 302, etc.),
  • Special compounds with extreme flame retardancy, low smoke density and low toxicity (BS 6853, EN 45545, etc.),
  • Compounds with special thermochromic, phosphorescent or fluorescent pigments,
  • Compounds resistant to dry heat (up to 300-310°C),
  • Low temperature resistant compounds (down to -120°C),
  • Steam resistant compounds,
  • Antimicrobial compounds,
  • Foam forming (spongy) silicones suitable for extrusion,
  • Self-lubricating compounds,
  • Electrically conductive and antistatic compounds,
  • Compounds with ferrite particles which stick to a magnets,
  • Self adhesive compounds (to various substrates),
  • Compounds which include cork as filler,
  • Heat conductive compounds,
  • Oil (also mineral to some degree) resistant compounds,
  • Compounds for production of rollers (no surface damage when pressed against with fingernails),
  • Etc.

All EVOSIL® compounds based on VMQ are made out of Wacker ELASTOSIL® polymers.


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