Vision & Mission

Gomline's vision:

Is to become a renowned and respected partner and supplier in the field of rubber industry, especially in the production of special rubber and silicone compounds, where fast response and nonstandard custom solutions to specific problems are needed, regardless of complexity and size.

Gomline's mission:

Is to ensure and keep providing innovative and custom solutions to specific problems related to rubber and silicone industry by:

  • enhancing and investing into our knowledge, research and development department and following up to the latest scientific progress and research achievements in order to implement them into production of rubber and silicone compounds;
  • striving to fulfil the requested deadlines and expectations of our customers;
  • solving even the most demanding and specific problems our customers face with;
  • protecting and preserving the Nature and the environment.


Contact us

Gomline d.o.o.
Cesta v Gorice 42
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+ 386 (0)1 2574 394